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Seamless Integration

Magnum Technology Center – MTC designs and manufactures complete equipment packages for Well Testing & Production, Underbalanced Drilling, and Managed Pressure Drilling services. We’re meticulous about the little details that make our packaged solutions so seamless. Everything has been designed to work together perfectly whilst giving operators the flexibility to adapt. With a huge depth of hands on experience from across the globe our products are designed with the realities of real life operations in mind. Fully certified to industry and latest ISO manufacturing standards and backed up by our extensive operational experience and customer support, MTC packaged solutions let you get on with the job in hand safe in the knowledge that we’ve done ours.

MTC - Magnum Technology Center


To build long term relationships with our customers by providing them with Well Test, Underbalanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling equipment packages with innovative designs using the latest technology delivered from stock or with an advanced delivery backed up by a superior level of after sales support from our team of service industry experienced professionals and our extensive manufacturing and storage facility.


To become a major supplier to the Well Test, Underbalanced Drilling and Managed Pressure Drilling sectors of the global oil and gas industry by providing an innovative range of individual and packaged products designed and manufactured to the latest industry standards from stock or with an advanced delivery and therefore enhance the ability of our customers to bring their services to the market on time and at a competitive price.

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