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MTC manufacture modular buildings, technical buildings and blast resistant buildings following the highest standards demanded by the customers by protecting the equipment, operations and people with our in-house design, engineering and construction team.

Modular Buildings
Our modular building offerings are built in compliance with major global standards like ATEX, IECEx, NORSOK, GOST and NFPA 496 or any other applicable codes. The modules can be built in standard or customized and can be certified by renowned third party agencies typically DNV, BV, Lloyd’s, ABS, and or others. As experienced manufacturer and solution provider, you can be assured that your products will be designed, developed and manufactured to the highest standards to cater harsh weather conditions, hazardous & safe area. Modules can be supplied as Mud Logging Units (MLU), Measuring While Drilling (MWD), Office, Laboratories, Workshops, Storage, Accommodation, Lavatories.
Technical Buildings
Our high quality customized technical buildings are engineered to the highest standards complying to major oil & gas industry specifications. Products include Substations, Local Equipment Rooms, Local Control Rooms, Control Rooms, Electrical Power Skids, E-house, Battery rooms, Switch Gear Rooms etc. As per client requirements these buildings are certified for fire ratings and includes complete controlled environment for client cabinets, control system, any other systems and equipment.
Blast Resistant Modules
BRM’s has become a necessary component for keeping components and workers safe from explosions in Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industry. BRM’s are constructed to the highest specifications, to be completely ASCE, API RP 752/753 compliant and meet and exceed all safety guidelines and regulations.

Response level equals 'Damage level'
Response levels are ratings established by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to predict the extent of repair resources that would need to be devoted to a building after an explosion. Their descriptions include:
  • Low response

    Localized building/ component damage; building can be used; however, repairs are required to restore the integrity of structural envelope; and the total cost of repairs is moderate.

  • Medium response

    Widespread building/component damage; building cannot be used until repaired; and total cost of repairs is significant.

  • High response

    Building/component has lost structural integrity; building may collapse due to the environmental conditions; and total cost of repairs approaches replacement cost of building.

    Note: Certifications are done by independent bodies or third party agencies.

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